Why my business needs a website?


The internet has become an essential tool in modern living and allows the consumer to experience a much greater availability of information. Incorporating your business into the thrumming world of the internet can be daunting, but is a vital part of business development today.

Having a high quality, effective and attractive website is paramount to the success of your business.


"Small to medium size businesses that utilize interactive websites grow 46% faster than those who don’t".




What can a website do for your business?

Here are some compelling reasons to have a website:

* Elevate your business – Having an attractive website puts your business a step ahead of your competitors that don’t.
* Communicate Professionalism – Having your website and custom email address on your business stationary communicates a modern, powerful     and professional business approach.
* Promote your brand, products and services – By having your brand and solutions presented online, prospective clients have instant access to information about your business and its service offering.
* Gain access to additional stream of potential clients – By having a website online, you are immediately accessible to millions of searchers, looking for the solutions that you offer.


"42% of shoppers spend over half of their shopping time on online research and 77% of online shoppers use reviews to make a purchase decision".




* Offer service 24/7 – Having a website means that information about your brand and services is available for consumption 24/7/365.
* Build an online community around your brand – If your business model can support it, build an active, online community around your service offering to ensure a constant chatter about your brand and its services.
* Solicit Feedback From Customers – A simple contact form on your website makes receiving feedback from your customers easier than ever.
* Update information instantly – Unlike catalogues and other print media, websites allow for easy, instant updates to information.


"Over 82% of university and college graduates will search for careers and employment information online".